Turn of the century femme fatale, I now live alone in a large house full of cats and my withered conscience.  I write for fun and generally try not to take myself too seriously.  I read voraciously, write a little, and am currently trying to hock a series of discovered manuscripts (found in a dark and dusty corner of the attic, of course) off on some unsuspecting agent and/or publisher, and, subsequently, onto the naive reading public – if they will oblige me.  Anything to pay the light bill, you know.

Be sure to check out the samples posted here.  Some are mine, some are Grandmama’s.  I may or may not tell you which is which.  For all the editing and revising, sometimes I myself forget.

My blog is here where I will contribute the occasional rambling thought, opinions controversial and banal, poetry, manuscript excerpts, writing advice (rarely my own, as I have few set in stone opinions on the subject).  And perhaps a bit of trivial research, the occasional insight into an era which has not quite died away so completely as some may wish to believe, though the corsets are a thing of the past.  (Thank Heaven!)